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Hi there!

Is there a way to add keyboard shortcut customization or to disable the Alt+8 shortcut (which doesn't seem to be listed in the menu but runs the Atari800 compiler/emulator)? I'm working on a German keyboard where [ is created with AltGr+8, so I keep running the emulator instead of writing the bracket. I tried removing the emulator from the settings, but then it just throws an unhandled exception for not finding the executable at the project path.

That's the only character I've run into that issue with so far, but if something could be done that I don't need to copy those in, that would indeed be great :D


Hello Crabman and thank you for the comment!

It's currently not possible to customize keyboard shortcuts but it's definitely a great idea. At the same time, the absence of any emulator / compiler should prevent an unhandled error from arising, so it will definitely be handled in the next release, as well. Moreover, the next version will also have more features and an additional target, so surely it will be useful to have this change you suggested.

Thank you again, and happy retrocoding!

very good

any idea if or when fonts might be a thing?

Hello Skulltip, and thank you for your comment. I don't think I understood very well. What "fonts" do we mean?

character set, but i can see to get around it can use the get image.. when i tried the MOB sample I get this message from the compiler:  Datatype mismatch: BYTE,MOB    

BITMAP ENABLE (2)       
airplaneImage = LOAD IMAGE("mytest.png" AS "airplanebw")
airplane = 0   
MOB airplane, airplaneImage

Hello Skulltip, thank you for explaining the concept. 

You can change the standard ugBASIC font easily with the FONT LOAD command. The command converts any image into a matrix of characters, which are then loaded one at a time, from left to right and top to bottom. Once loaded you can use commands like PRINT, CHR(...) and so on.

Unfortunately, the MOB command is not implemented on all platforms, and moreover it is "deprecated": in fact, I have discovered that intelligent use by programmers of the GET IMAGE / PUT IMAGE primitives gives far better results. So I suggest to check if these instructions can be helpful. If you then use hardware that has hardware sprites, you can check if they have enough features for your needs.

Thanks again, and have a nice retrocoding!

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Gave it a try, it feels great!
I was wondering, as it supports the DRAGON 32 and 64, why not or what is needed to extend that to the TRS-80 COLOR COMPUTER 1 and 2? They are very similar machines.
Great work going on with this!
edit: Got my answer from the support group :)

j'aimerais savoir s'il est prévu un compilateur pour DCVG5K (Vg5000) ?

Bonjour et merci pour le commentaire !

Il n'est pas disponible pour le moment, mais il fait partie de ceux attendus. 

En fait, certains développements ont été effectués et probablement la version sur le référentiel github est capable de créer une sorte d'exécutable de travail. Cependant, ce n'est pas à un niveau qui peut être considéré comme valable. 

Si vous souhaitez suivre les développements, vous pouvez les suivre sur cette page :

very good