A downloadable ugBASIC IDE for Windows

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Your ugBASIC programs in a click! 

Compile your ugBASIC sources efficiently and effectively for multiple retrocomputers: ugBASIC IDE makes it easier to download and install the various software required for one or more retrocomputers, all just one "click away". 

ugBASIC IDE automatically installs the compilers and assemblers you require for writing programs in ugBASIC for Atari, Commodore 64, Commodore VIC-20, Commodore PLUS / 4, Commodore 128, Dragon 32/64, Olivetti Prodest PC128, Thomson MO5, Sinclair ZX Spectrum 48K, MSX, ColecoVision, SEGA SC-3000 and SEGA SG-1000.

ugBASIC is an isomorphic and open source language, fully documented and designed to develop portable programs, without sacrificing efficiency. With a single source it is therefore possible to create games for numerous 8 bit platforms. 

 ugBASIC IDE offers syntactic highlighting and an integration for error diagnostics: in case of problems you are reported directly on the line with the error. It manages the program history and it is multi-window. 

All is accessible with a single key: with just a click you can compile your ugBASIC program and see it directly running on one of the supported emulators: Altirra, Atari800, VICE, Yape, DC MOTO [*], XRoar, Speccy, openMSX and BlueMSX. 

 [*] for this emulator it is not possible to automatically run a program, and only version 20210508 is currently supported.

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ugBASIC IDE 1.11.2 (64 bit) for Windows 140 MB
ugBASIC IDE 1.11.2 (32 bit) for Windows 131 MB
ugBASIC IDE 1.11.2 (64 bit) for Windows (.NET needed) 1 MB
ugBASIC IDE 1.11.2 (32 bit) for Windows (.NET needed) 2 MB

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