From today ugBASIC supports the ColecoVision console. Starting from the same BASIC source, valid for other 8-bit platforms, it will be possible to generate a ROM cartridge ready to be inserted. The compiler supports the text and graphics modes available on the standard VDP on the console, and makes available a structured language with multitasking and support for animations.

ColecoVision has also been integrated into ugBASIC-IDE, as well: this tool offers syntactic highlighting, file management, online help and an integration for error diagnostics under Microsoft Windows. From this tool it is possible to send the program running directly on one of the supported emulators (openMSX or blueMSX), all with a click.


ugBASIC IDE 1.9 (64 bit) for Windows 139 MB
Jan 16, 2022
ugBASIC IDE 1.9 (32 bit) for Windows 130 MB
Jan 16, 2022
ugBASIC IDE 1.9 (64 bit) for Windows (.NET needed) 1 MB
Jan 16, 2022
ugBASIC IDE 1.9 (32 bit) for Windows (.NET needed) 1 MB
Jan 16, 2022


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Deleted 176 days ago

Hello sergio max, olease refer to the official Facebook group for support and help in BASIC programming:

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i resolved the problem . I use the latest SDK.http://nightly.z88dk.org/

but i owever can't do a circle or a diagonal with all machines...

need help please !

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Hello sergio max and thank you for the feedback. I'm glad you managed to get over the problem. 

For the rest, I suggest you to contact the dedicated Facebook group, where you can get support from other ugBASIC developers:

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i've got an error z88sdk -z80asm.exe is not compatible with  window10 !

Hello sergio max, first of all thanks for the comment! In reality there are no particular compatibility problems with Microsoft Windows 10, in particular for the assembler for the Z80 processor. Many users develop smoothly for ColecoVision using UGBASIC-IDE. This is probably a problem specific to your computer.

A BASIC compiler for Coleco has long been a niche that needed filling.  Hopefully the Sega Master System becomes low hanging fruit :)